VRAU-HD8 – Universal Mechanical Arm

VRAU-HD8 – Universal Mechanical Arm




Features and Characteristics

  • Durable design; the service life of these tools is frequently measured in decades!
  • These tools are based on a physical law (Hooke’s Law) that does not change; exceptional accuracy retention and low ownership cost.
  • Floating handle concentrates load at a precise point on lever to assure torque accuracy.
  • Memory feature consists of yellow indicators that follow a track on the scale and remain in place to indicate peak torque achieved.
  • Bi-directional accuracy of +/- 2.5 Nm or 5% of Indicated Value. (ASTM F1063-09)
  • Includes Parts Kit #1


Model: VRAU-HD8
FOR* Twist, Nm 0-120
FOR* Forward Lean, Nm 0-400
Length, inches 17.75
Weight, lbs. 3
Country Of Origin USA

*FOR = Full Operating Range