Calibrater Inspection

Need to have your Calibrater Arm Inspected, Repaired, or Upgraded?

Download and Print the Order Form to include with your Calibrater Arm for inspection, repair, or upgrade. This form includes your Business name, phone/email, return shipping address and billing contact or credit card information. If you do not include credit card details with the order form we will contact you when service is complete. We request payment prior to return shipping. For accounts with established credit you will be billed accordingly.

You may complete our Online Order Form, and include a copy with your returned item and we will
contact you for payment information when service is complete.

Service Return Shipping Address (FedEx & UPS):

Vermont Ski Safety Equipment Inc.
9 Sand Hill Road
Underhill Center, VT 05489

Service Return Mailing Address (USPS Only):

Vermont Ski Safety Equipment Inc.
PO Box 85
Underhill Center, VT 05490

If shipping from 3rd party UPS & FedEx Stores you MUST include contact information inside your return packaging. If shipping FedEx SmartPost or UPS SurePost you may use the mailing address above.

*Please note: We are unable to accept United States Postal Service shipment to our physical address. They must be mailed to PO Box 85, Underhill Center, VT 05490

What to return for Calibrater Inspection: When returning the Calibrater Arm to the factory for calibration inspection or repair you only need to ship the Calibrater Arm & Torque Limiting Screwdriver (If supplied by VSSE). Other Calibrater components do not need to be returned to the factory except as required for additional service or repair.

Calibrater Arm Inspection $195


  • Arm Inspection & Calibration Check
  • Replacement of yellow release indicators
  • Spare parts kit
  • Instructional DVD & Manual
  • Torque Limiting Screwdriver Inspection & Recalibration (If purchased from VSSE)

See the Calibrater Manual for information on routine maintenance and inspection information.

If your Calibrater Arm fails Inspection and is Unrepairable:

We will contact you with replacement options. See Price List

If your Calibrater Arm has not had the HD5 Upgrade:

The Heavy Duty 2005 (HD5) Upgrade to Calibrater Arms sold prior to 2005 is a required update for Inspection Returns. The upgrade is designed to protect vital components of the Calibrater Arm and prevent damage that would otherwise require replacement. See Price List

How to inspect your Calibrater

Check the following prior to each use of the Calibrater. If deficiencies are noted in any of the following areas, consult the Maintenance and Repair sections of the manual. Replace damaged, worn, or missing parts immediately.

  1. Make sure that the yellow release torque indicators point to zero. To do this, move one indicator at a time up against the wand. Each indicator should point to within 1/4 of the smallest division of zero.
  2. Check that the release indicators are intact and can move freely, with some resistance, but do not bind in the slot. Check also that they correctly follow the wand and do not jump or slip back when the binding releases.
  3. Make sure the wand does not drag on the scale or the protective frame and that it does not touch the beam.
  4. Make sure the scale and the frame that supports it are not damaged or bent.
  5. Check the cable strap assembly for damage and wear. Check the strap for abrasion and the cable for kinks or broken wires.
  6. Check the elastic stabilizer for damage or wear. Make sure the plastic cable sleeve is lubricated with a thin film of Armorall.
  7. Check the rubber bumpers and pads on Vise for tears or cracks. Check all clamps for proper function.
  8. Check the Vise hinge (or cable) for kinks (or broken wires).
  9. Make sure the FOOT is not bent or otherwise damaged. Make sure the plastic coating is lubricated with a thin film of Armorall.
  10. Check the top of the FOOT shaft for damage or wear. Make sure that it fits the socket at the bottom of the LEG.

Routine Maintenance

Most routine maintenance and component replacement operations can be performed in the shop. Calibrater components do not need to be returned to the factory except as required.


Keep the yellow release torque indicators and their track clean. Replace the indicators when damaged or loose. It is a good practice to replace them annually. When properly inserted they should point directly across the slot in the scale. ARMs with red, black, or blue scales should be updated. At the beginning, and at least once during the season, the calibration of the ARM should be verified using a dead weight. Calibration checks should also be made whenever the accuracy of the Calibrater is called into question. Return the ARM to VSSE if damage or wear cannot be corrected or if proper function cannot be restored.


Keep the steel socket at the bottom of the LEG clean, smooth, and lubricated with a thin film of silicone. Straighten any kinks that develop in the cable. Replace damaged or worn cables or straps. Always use clevis pins and split rings supplied by VSSE for reassembly. Keep the plastic covering of the cable lubricated with a thin film of Armorall to allow the stabilizer to slide easily. Replace the stabilizer when broken.

Parts for Quick Repairs

Parts Kit #1. Includes (1) Pair Yellow Release Indicators, (1) Elastic Stabilizer Shunt, (1) Heel Strap, (1) Foot Collar, and an Instruction DVD with Manual. (Included with all Calibrater Arm Inspections)

Parts Kit #2. Includes (3) Clamp Bumpers & Hardware, Assorted Vise Pads,  (4) Ski Stops, and PK#1.

Parts Kit #3. Includes LEG Cable-Strap Assembly and Manual.

Vise Clamp & Hardware

Ski Clamps (2) & Hardware

Heel Straps (2)

Routine Services:

Please Note: (U) Universal Arm, (A) Adult Arm, and (J) Junior Arm.

A( )-I
Inspection and calibration check of the Calibrater ARM (no repairs or adjustments). Includes TLS Inspection & Calibration if purchased from VSSE. Includes PK#1. Must have HD5 Arm Upgrade (see FAQ).

A( )-R
Repair and calibration of ARM. Includes PK#1. Must have HD5 Arm Upgrade (see FAQ).

Torque Limiting Screwdriver Inspection & Calibration.

A( )-I & UPG
Inspection, calibration check, & HD5 Upgrade of the Calibrater ARM (no repairs or adjustments). Includes TLS Inspection & Calibration if purchased from VSSE.

A( )-IR & UPG
Repair, calibration, & HD5 Upgrade of the Calibrater ARM. Includes TLS Inspection & Calibration if purchased from VSSE. Includes PK#1.

Tilt Vise (only) Upgrade to XX Wide.

Tilt Vise Upgrade, HD5 Upgrade of Calibrater Arm, and repair or replacement of Leg and both Feet.

Adult Foot Upgrade.

Standard Leg Upgrade.