Is skiing becoming more dangerous as claimed by The Wallstreet Journal?

Subject: “Down A Slippery Slope” The Wallstreet Journal – (1/8/99) Answer: My colleague Dr. Jasper Shealy and I were interviewed by the WSJ authors and their staff for this article. While we take some credit for redirecting their efforts, the resulting article is incorrect and incomplete. The interviewers made it very plain that they were … read more »

Is skiing becoming more dangerous as claimed by the LA Times?

Subject: “Group Offers Reward to Counter Skiers’ Deadly Road Rage” L.A. Times – (2/14/99) Answer: This article, republished in dozens of newspapers around the country, follows in the footsteps of the WSJ piece of 1/8/99 (FAQ #1). Although the WSJ blamed the ski areas for an increase in injuries and the Times blames out-of-control skiers … read more »

How can I help to reduce the risk of injury while skiing?

Subject: Eight Steps to Safer Skiing Answer: Please review our EIGHT STEPS TO SAFER SKIING. 1) Equipment Selection and Maintenance – At the beginning of each season visit a well-equipped ski shop that maintains a staff qualified to properly service your bindings, tune your skis, and evaluate your ski boot’s fit and function. This website, … read more »

If my bindings are releasing inadvertently, how much should I crank them up?

Subject: Separating Hardware from Software Problems Answer: STOP!! Put away the screwdriver and study the following: Most retention problems are not related to the release setting and many are not even caused by the equipment at all. Often release, retention, and even performance problems are Software–that is skier–NOT Hardware related. Talk the problem over with … read more »