VTD-8 – Torque Limiting Screwdriver (TLS)

VTD-8 – Torque Limiting Screwdriver (TLS)




  • Preset to 4Nm, repeatable within ±3% of setting.
  • Accurate radial ball clutch free-wheels when preset torque is reached. Fasteners can never be overtorqued.
  • Exclusive cam design eliminates backlash when clutch releases.
  • A one-way clutch acts as a torque limiting screwdriver in the CW direction and a conventional screwdriver in the CCW direction for easy fastener removal.
  • Includes a 6″ PZ3 and 2″ hex drive for power tool clutch calibration.


Torque, Nm 4
Length, inches 7.5
Weight, oz. 8
Drive, inches 1/4 chuck